President of AAMC visited CNUCOM!

On June 26, 2018, California Northstate University College of Medicine (CNUCOM) received a visit from the President of the Association of American Medical Colleges Dr. Darrel Kirch.  He was impressed by our innovative courses and the enthusiasm of the faculty to provide an engaging and inventive medical education to our students.  Dr. Kirch highlighted our unique advantage in having different healthcare degree programs in close proximity when planning and delivering Inter-Professional Education (IPE).

Dr. Kirch also drew attention to the program’s integration of cultural competency, societal issues, ethics, and professionalism into the curriculum and described CNUCOM as a socially accountable model with exceptional community engagement.  As an example, he referenced our work in the Central Valley as evidence of CNUCOM’s efforts to reach out to underserved patients and praised our relationships with regional affiliates such as Kaiser Permanente.

To all faculty, students, administrators, and leaders, it is because of your commitment to California Northstate University and the College of Medicine that we received such a favorable review from Dr. Kirch.  Thank you for your hard work and continued commitment to our mission of educating the next generation of exceptional physicians.