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Life Cycle of a Loan

Each private educational loan provided through the CNU Student Financial Aid Office is processed as described in the following steps:

  1. The student borrower (and co-signer, if applicable) complete the promissory note, and receives a credit decision from the lender.
  2. If the credit decision from the lender is approved, the Student Financial Aid Office receives a certification request, certifies student's eligibility for the loan being requested, and returns this information to the lender.
  3. The lender provides the student borrower (and co-signer, if applicable) with final loan terms and conditions.
  4. The lender will disburse to the school based on the disbursement dates provided by the Student Financial Aid Office during certification (step 2).
    • Upon disbursement to the school, interest will begin to accrue.
  5. Once funds are received, the CNU Business Office will post the disbursement as payment to the student’s account.
  6. If the disbursement creates a credit balance on the student’s account, the CNU Business Office will make a Student Disbursement Check available if authorized by the student.
  7. When the student’s enrollment drops below half-time, the loan enters the grace period.
  8. When the grace period is over, the repayment term begins.

For additional information, please contact the Financial Aid Office

Contact Information:
JoAnne Hansana, Financial Aid Manager
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