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Congratulations to CNUCOM Class of 2019 on the outstanding performance of USMLE Step 1. All the 57 students who registered for USMLE Step 1 passed the test. The class mean is 228.

Student Financial Aid Office

Types of Assistance


Payment Plan Options

CNU Prospective and Current Students
CNU offers assistance to any student who is interested in paying semester tuition and fees over a series of months. Currently, CNU students have two monthly payment contracts available, with the length of contract varying depending on program year of attendance.

First, second, and third year students can enroll in a four-month, semester based contract available through both payment plan options below. Fourth year students can enroll in a nine-month, academic year based contract available through both payment plan options below. Although the payment plan options provided meet student’s needs, CNU reserves the right to establish specific payment plans when deemed necessary by the CNU Business Office.

Completion of a payment plan contract, regardless of option selected from below, when completed prior to the applicable first payment due date, shall be considered by CNU as satisfactory payment arrangements.

The following payment plan options are currently made available to CNU students::

→ TuitionEase Payment Plan 

Any questions regarding TuitionEase Payment Plan, please contact JoAnne Hansana.

Contact Information:
JoAnne Hansana, Financial Aid Manager