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Congratulations to CNUCOM Class of 2019 on the outstanding performance of USMLE Step 1. All the 57 students who registered for USMLE Step 1 passed the test. The class mean is 228.

Student Financial Aid Office

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Student Financial Aid Forms

Be sure to read through the application instructions corresponding with your preferred financing method to ensure that all required forms for your selection are complete within the appropriate deadlines. If you have questions regarding access to or submission of any Student Financial Aid form or application, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at (916) 686-8784.


Financial Options Statement Form:


Financial Aid Application Form:

Private Education Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling Forms:

Entrance Counseling is mandatory for all first-time private loan borrowers currently enrolled in the Master Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS) who will receive a private educational loan disbursement. The form must be completed and received by the Student Financial Aid Office prior to loan disbursement.
Entrance Counseling Form

The Exit Counseling Form is required prior to graduation or withdrawal from the program by any student who received a private educational loan disbursement.
Exit Counseling Form

Also as part of the exit counseling requirements, a monthly repayment calculator printout is required is for each student receiving private education student loan. This calculator allows a student to input basic loan terms and calculates a monthly payment estimate.
Simple Monthly Payment Calculator

For additional information, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Contact Information:
JoAnne Hansana, Financial Aid Manager
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