Class of 2021 - Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Covid-19 Rapid Test?

With a great deal of interest and inquiries regarding entry protocols, Drip Hydration is opening slots now for CNU graduation guests.

Hours will be 8-4 tomorrow and Friday and Saturday 7-3. The cost is $25 Rapid Test with results 15-20 min at their West Sac Location. Online Registration and Appointments are available. Their website is

Testing options with Drip Hydration match our 72-hr protocol and entry clearance. Please let me know any questions or concerns. Feel free to post or share to your graduates and their guests.

Where will graduation take place?

Golden 1 Center located at 500 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, CA 95814

Should I order regalia?

Yes, if you plan to attend an in-person ceremony then you must order regalia.

When do I need to order regalia by?

The deadline to order student regalia is Thursday, April 8th.

If I miss the deadline to order regalia from Jostens what do I do and where can I order?

Students can order from a different company. We suggest other regalia companies such as Amazon or Graduation Source. Please contact your programs Student Affairs Department for regalia specifics. Graduation Source 1.800.352.6162

Regalia fees are already in included as part of the graduation fee. Why do I need to pay for it?

Due to the pandemic, CNU changed the process in 2020. Students will now place their order and pay for their regalia on their own through Jostens. For the Class of 2021, once the Business Office receives a final list of graduating students, they will begin to process refunds.

How am I going to get my regalia refund?

Refunds will be posted to the students account and a check will be processed. Students will then be notified, and they will have the option to pick it up in person or for it to be mailed out.

How soon can I expect my refund?

As soon as the Business Office receives a final graduating list from each college/program, then the refunds will be given. If the list is submitted by mid-April, then the refund is expected to be ready in May.

If graduation is virtual, will I be refunded more of my graduation fees?

Graduation has been confirmed as a live event.

If I graduated in 2020, how do I order regalia?

Class of 2020 students all have been refunded the cost of their regalia if they did not keep theirs, or if they elected not to order one from Jostens. If a student wants to get regalia, they must order through Jostens or a different company.

How will graduation clearance be conducted?

College of Medicine: Planned for in person in Classroom 1A and 1B on Friday, May 14th at 11:00 a.m.

College of Pharmacy: All graduating students are to mail a large envelope to Dr. Tiffany-Jade Kreys, which is to include the following:

  • California Pharmacist Licensure Application (if you plan to become licensed in California)
  • Clicker
  • Badge (you can keep the photo part of the badge)
  • Parking permit
  • Graduate Clearance Form (please complete the top portion)

College of Health Sciences: TBD

Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Planned for in person in Classroom 1A and 1B on Friday, May 14th at 9:00 a.m.

How will we be receiving tickets?

Digital delivery system in 2 and 4 seat pods only. Assigned seating and first come first serve. Further details will be released once delivery system is set up by Golden 1 Center.

If some students choose not to bring any guests, will we be able to bring more than 6 if at Golden 1?

If you would like to share tickets among your classmates that should be perfectly fine. Just ask your classmate that has RSVP'd to attend graduation to request all 6 and when they get their tickets then they will be able to transfer their unused to with you.

Will the ceremony by live streamed?

Yes. Details to be released closer to graduation ceremony.

Will we have a graduating class photo?

We are working to have a class photo taken. Details will be released closer to the clearance date.

What does the graduation fee include?

The fee covers regalia, diploma, transcripts, cover processing & admin fee, venue costs, etc.

Requirements for guests?

All audience members 2 and older are required to either show proof of complete vaccination 7 days prior to event or a negative (-) test result 72 hours prior to event. All audience will also go through a verbal health questionnaire with Golden 1 staff upon entry.* (Golden 1 Center Requirements)

What are the ticket requirements for children?

Children aged two (2) and younger are allowed to sit on a lap and are not required to have a ticket. Children over the age of two (2) are required to have a ticket.

Where will parking be?

Pre-paid parking will be available, Golden 1 Center is setting up the system. Further details will be released soon. Street parking is available as well.